English course for teaching and administrative Staff

Being able to effectively communicate in English is not only crucial for the success of FORHEAL, but also an indispensable skill for teaching and research of any HEI. As of now, however, many university teachers in Laos are not sufficiently trained in English and very few ever studied or worked abroad. This seriously impedes the capacity of the faculty staff to communicate with the global research community reduces the quality of teaching.

Thus the provision of English courses is a central project element of ForHeal. The course was offered between 23.06. and 24.10.2018 in two phases (see Table 1, where also other information in the course is provided). Each phase of the course consisted of two courses, one given at the Beginner level and one at the Intermediate level.

The learning goals for the beginner course were to familiarise the students with the English language and to help them to be more confident and less apprehensive when engaging with the language. The learning goal for the intermediate course was to further improve the communication skills

According to the teachers’ evaluation of the participants, which is documented in two Progress Reports written by the Bright Centre, all participants performed GOOD or VERY GOOD in the training.

The pictures show a field trip of the course participants to the Botanical Gardens in Luang Prabang at 28. 09.2018, where they trained their language skills by communicating with tourist.


Visit of Mr. Vongpasith Chanthakhoun at Freiburg University

In order to improve the strategic implementation of capacity building activities within ForHeal and to provide specific training so teaching and research staff of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resources (FAF), Souphanouvong University (SU), Laos, Mr. Vongpasith Chanthakhoun, the acting Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resources, visited Freiburg between 23.11. and 16.12.2018.

Amongst other activities, Mr. Vongpasith Chanthakhoun participated in the 3-week course “Rural Development”, which is organized Prof. Dr. Benno Pokorny (right).


Field trip with international students and scientists to the Feldberg, the highest peak in the Black Forest.

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